Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hello All,

I'm currently at the end of my second round of refinements. I'm unsure if I'll have to go through another round of treatment or not {Hopefully not}. My appointment is this upcoming week so we shall see. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. The next step for me will be getting a bonded retainer put on as well as having some gum contouring. The reason for the contouring is because my gums swelled due to my gap being so large initially. It was simply a lot of space to close. Dr. Z & I anticipated that the swelling would occur so it didn't shock me when I noticed the tissue puffing up. I'll have more information regarding when the gum surgery will occur after my next appointment. I know that it'll be after I'm completely finished with my Invisalign treatment.

For anyone considering Invisalign I say DO IT!


  1. I have been looking for information about Invisalign. I am really thinking about getting it. I have some minor corrections that I would like to get fixed. How much did it cost?

    Alena |

  2. I fixed my teeth gap using orthofill . #howtofixteethgap.

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  4. From gap to gone, I like that heading! Glad you are thrilled with the improvements. Thanks for sharing.

    Theresa N | Lisle Dental Center